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Good work design, why does it matter?

'Love and work are the cornerstones

of our humanness'.

Sigmund Freud

What could organisations achieve if their people loved their work?

Great work design can support organisations achieve greater success due to:

  • Healthier employees and safer workplaces;

  • Lower employee absences;

  • Motivated, engaged and loyal employees;

  • Creative and innovative employees;

  • Agile organisations;

  • Stronger attraction and retention of the best talent;

  • Customer loyalty due to higher levels of satisfaction;

  • Higher return on investment.

How do you achieve great work design?

Work design looks at a range of components such as the levels of job autonomy, task variety, skill utilisation, task significance, task identity and job feedback.

If you would like to hear more about work design and how it can benefit your business, please contact:

Human Resource (HR) Consult


M: 0403 902 952

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