4 Key Workplace Compliance Considerations For These Extraordinary Times.

Why are Employment Contracts and Workplace Policies important?

The importance of having accurate and effective employment contracts and workplace policies in place cannot be understated, as these set out the framework in which the employment relationship is regulated.

Whether your business operates within the Federal or State legislative jurisdictions, it is imperative for employers to know and understand their obligations and responsibilities, and the contextual mechanisms which govern the employment relationship with their employees.

1. Well written employment contracts clarify employment terms and conditions, detailing the responsibilities of each party, and setting out the relationship ground rules between the employer and the employee.

2. Articulating expectations and responsibilities up-front removes ambiguity for all, minimising risks for the employer, providing a sound platform to work from when resolving workplace disputes.

3. Similarly, well written, current and accurate workplace policies benefit both employers and employees if properly implemented and managed.

4. In addition to establishing a basic set of rules by which to manage a workplace environment on a day to day basis, effective policies also assist employers in satisfying their various legislative obligations including anti-discrimination, bullying, harassment and mitigating unfair dismissal claims.

Common Workplace Policies include:

  • Code of Conduct

  • Bullying and harassment (including sexual harassment);

  • Equal opportunity and anti-discrimination;

  • Fitness for work;

  • Drug and alcohol use;

  • Internet, email and social media policy; and

  • Leave policy

If you would like to have a confidential conversation regarding your organisation's employment contracts, workplace policies, or other workplace matters please contact:

Karen Wall,

HR Consult


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