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5 Steps for Employers Hosting Staff Parties

As 2020 comes to end, many businesses are turning their attention to end of year functions and staff parties.

This year like no other, highlights key considerations to be contemplated when planning a staff party.

1. Conduct due diligence

Make sure your business complies with applicable government guidelines. Consider Covid-19, workplace health and safety and appropriate workplace behaviour laws.

2. Clarify expectations

Clearly define the function's start and finish times and explicitly articulate expected behaviour. This is a great opportunity for employers to circulate the business's workplace policies, reminding employees of their obligations and responsibilities.

3. Provide staff training

Ensure your employees are trained and informed on health and safety protocols and individual responsibilities.

4. Appoint party marshals

Designate senior employees to 'keep a lookout' for behaviour which may be in breach of the organisation's workplace policies and/or relevant workplace laws or the company's values.

5. Adopt transparency

Have open conversations with employees about health and safety concerns and what appropriate behaviour looks like in the workplace.

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